Montreal Bachata Festival 2023

Pricing Passes & Tickets

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Gala Full Pass

Saturday night dinner and Shows
$ 339 Price increase Oct.15
  • Includes all Bachata Full Pass activities
  • Full course Saturday Evening meal. View FAQ for meal details
  • VIP seating for Saturday evening show
Best offer

Full Pass

Complete Bachata activities
$ 209 Price increase Oct. 15
  • Bachata workshop Thursday night
  • Friday Competition and Showcase. Includes dance social
  • Saturday workshops, Gala Showcase, Pinto Picasso Concert, Dance Social (3 rooms: Bachata, Salsa, Zouk)
  • Sunday workshops, Rising Star Showcase, Star showcase, Dance Social (3 rooms: Bachata, Salsa, Zouk)

Combo Pass

Bachata & Heels Festival Full Pass
$ 360 Price increase Oct. 15
  • Includes all Bachata Full Pass activities
  • Includes all Heels Full Pass selections. View for more details
Great Deal

Junior Pass

Complete Bachata Activities
$ 79 Price increase Oct.15
  • Applicable to Young Dancers 17 and under. Proof of age required
  • Includes all Bachata Full Pass activities

Performer / Competitor Pass

$ 129 Price increase Oct.15
  • Applicable to all Performers or Competitors during event.
  • Includes all Bachata Full Pass activities
  • Scroll down to view details to obtain performer/competitor pass

Zouk Pass

Complete Zouk Activities
$ 150 Price increase Oct.15
  • Includes (6x) Zouk workshops available Saturday & Sunday. Schedule available soon.
  • Includes Saturday night Social with DK and Zouk room
  • Includes Sunday Social 4-8pm with DJ and Zouk room

Individual Tickets

In chronological order by activity

Thursday Nov. 16 Workshop Pass 8:30pm
(booking available shortly – come back and reserve soon!)

Friday Nov. 17 Evening Competition and Social Dance 5pm-3am

Saturday Workshop Pass 10am-5pm

Saturday Night VIP Meal, Pinto Picasso Concert, and Social Dance 7pm-3am

Saturday Gala Show, Pinto Picasso Concert, and Dance Social (3 rooms: Bachata, Salsa, Zouk) 8pm-3am

Sunday Workshop 10-4pm

Sunday Rising Star Show 5:30pm

Sunday Evening Show and Social 8pm

Steps to Obtain the Performer/Dancer Pass:

  1. Obtain the Performer/Dancer pass online on Eventbrite using a promotional code assigned to each school/team.
    • Your teacher, team leader, or school director should provide you with the code.
    • If you are an independent performer (meaning not associated with a particular school), please email us at to request your code.
    • You must have been approved to perform to receive the code.
  2. If a performer has already purchased a regular Full Pass before registering, it cannot be changed into a Performer/Dancer Pass. However, all the access that a Performer/Dancer Pass offers will be the same as a Regular Pass.
  3. There are no refunds or transfers for the purchased “Performer/Dancer Pass.”

Timeline of Performer/Dancer Pass Price Changes:

  • Until Sept. 15th: $119 plus fees
  • Sept. 16th to Oct. 15th: $129 plus fees
  • Oct. 16th to Nov. 1st: $139 plus fees
  • Nov. 1st until the Event: $159 plus fees