Thank You For Competing

WOW! What a fantastic weekend! Where to start!!

- Thank you to all competitors for their participation and many congratulations for your new achievements!

- Thank you to all the teachers for all their hard work, time, and investment & for bringing so much joy, passion & talent to the dance floor with their students. They are a true example to follow for the next generation of dancers.

- Thank you to our wonderful panel of National & International judges: (Carine & Rafael, Corinne Tardieu, Luc Poulin, Luis Miguel & Marcela Cardenas from Los Bonitillos) It was an honor to have you amongst us.

- Thank you to our Volunteers on Friday night for their time and dedication, special shout out to: Sebastian, Laura & Patrick & of course our talented Deck Runner Rajanne!!

- We appreciate everyone's patience, we know sometimes there could be delays or a change of plan, and we do apologize for the backstage situation on Friday night. We thank you for cooperating with us.

- There is always a place for growth and to do better next time. We hold your level of satisfaction to heart; this event would not exist without each & every one of you in it.

- Last but not least, thank you to one invested DJ throughout the entire weekend and throughout both competitions. You had a lot to handle, and we are thankful for your time, work & patience. Thank you DJ Sabrusso!! We did it!!

- It's my turn to thank you for allowing me to do what I love and to share my passion with you. Thank you all for your trust in my work.

Thank you all!!

Rania Greiche

MBF Competition Coordinator

Competition registration deadline!

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